Policies ( Closings, Make-up Classes, Substitutions)

Closed or Cancelled Classes

Inclement Weather Closings: If Montgomery County Public Schools (Maryland) are closed due to weather, then I am closed. If MCPS is closed for any other reason, then I am still open.  If they are opening two hours late, I am starting on time.

Federal Holidays:

I am closed for most federal holidays.

Closings due to Sickness:

Every effort will be made to have at least Charlie or Leslie at class. Charlie is the official substitute in the event of Leslie’s being absent due to health reasons. In the event of an emergency, we will do our best to keep you informed via this website of developments.

Can I Send a Substitute?

If you are going to miss a class, it is fine with us if you send a substitute in your place. A courtesy email notifying us of the change is appreciated. However, if you do decide to send a substitute, it will forfeit your right to make up that missed class in the future, when and if we present the same course again.

Making Up Missed Classes

If you have paid full tuition for a class and miss ANY of them for any reason, we offer you a free make up class. We will give you two (2) months to make up that class. In the case of a long medical hardship, more time is allowed. I do request a courtesy email from you letting me know that you will be showing up and for what specific class.

Full Tuition vs. Drop In Fee Rate?

If you pay the full tuition, you not only get a cheaper rate per class, but also free make-up sessions the next time the class is offered.

The best deal is paying the full tuition. All of my classes are done on a rotation basis, meaning that this same class will be offered again within the year. Keep track of the weeks you miss so you will remember to make them up later, at no extra cost.

No Cell Phones or Perfumes in Class, Please!

Please turn off your cell phones before class begins. It is very distracting to your new friends and to me.

Also kindly refrain from using perfumes or scented products before coming to class. I, and others, tend to have a strong reaction to them. Losing my voice in the middle of your class would not be a good thing.

Thanks for your help on these two rules.