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My Teaching Philosophy

I believe you learn from “doing”.  The best teaching involves experiential learning which relies heavily upon student participation.  You’ll be taught a short mini-lesson and then the rest of your two-hour class will be dedicated to playing six to eight deals using bidding, play and/or defense on each hand.  We feel the job of a teacher should be as a facilitator, giving you the most time possible to actually play hands. Read a few reviews I’ve received recently:

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“As I’ve said in the past, Leslie Shafer remains one of, if not THE best, bridge teacher Eh-VER. She makes bridge fun, she enjoys what she’s doing which comes through to the class, and she makes it understandable in the very best terms.  She is PATIENT and never makes anyone feel that they are the idiot they seem to be.  She is, therefore, extremely ENCOURAGING. Leslie loves the game and that love seeps right out of her into her pupils. Thank you, Leslie.”  — Lois Gutmann

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“I have taken bridge lessons from Leslie for a number of years and she still never fails to deliver some useful tips and strategies. Her online classes are so rewarding as every bid, deal, and play are discussed and sometimes redone to bring home the lesson of the hand. The personal attention with each hand, as well as the time for questions and discussion make these lessons so valuable. I’ve never taken an online bridge class with so much personal attention. It makes a big difference in what I get out of the class.” — Mary Beatley