Spring 2024 Bridge Class Schedule

Rebecca’s Bridge Schedule – Spring 2024

Phone: 304-224-3531    Email: rebeccca.shafer@bridgeteacher.com    Website: www.bridgeteacher.com

Dates Have Been Changed On Mondays!

Beginner Level:

Tell Your Friends! Absolute Beginner Bridge 1 starts Tuesday, Mar. 5, 10AM—12 PM.

Beginner Bridge Part 1,  Tuesdays, 10 AM– 12 PM at the UMC* site. Taught by Rebecca Shafer.  For those who’ve never played before or who haven’t played in many years and want to start over.  Topics: point count evaluations, opening bids and responses, basic play of the hand techniques.   Six weeks, starts Tuesdays, March 5, and ends April 16. No class April 9. Tuition is $160

Beginner Bridge Part 2, Tuesdays, 10 AM – 12 PM at the UMC* site.  Taught by Rebecca Shafer.  Basic bidding and responses are reviewed as well as an introduction to a few new bids (takeout doubles, preempts, overcalls, and the strong 2 Clubs opening bid),  This is also a great class for those who played years ago and want to get back into bridge and modernize their skills.  Six weeks.  starts April 23, and ends May 28.  Tuition is $160.

Beginner Bridge Part 3:  Introduction to Play of the Hand Thursdays, 10 AM – 12 PM Taught by Rebecca Shafer.  Now that you have a basic knowledge of bidding, let us show you how to plan the play of the hand.  Usually there is some method that must be used to actually make your contract.  We will show you the methods of counting your tricks and recognizing how to find the extra ones that you will need.  Includes:  Promotion Length, Finessing, and How to Get Rid of Losers.  Six weeks, starts March 7 and ends April 11.

Beginner Bridge Part 4: Introduction to Basic Conventions.  Thursdays, 10 AM – 12 PM Taught by Rebecca Shafer.  Topics: Stayman, Jacoby Transfers, the Strong 2 Club Opener (and Blackwood).  These are conventions that you must learn to complete your basic bidding arsenal.  After this class you will graduate to intermediate level!!   Six weeks,  starts April 25, and ends May 30.

Intermediate Level:

Polishing Your Bridge 3, Mondays 1 PM—3 PM at the UMC* site. Taught by Rebecca Shafer.  Polishing your Bridge is an Eight week course.  Unbeknownst to me, I booked the class as Six weeks each.  These are the 4 classes missing from PYB 1 and 2 (Polishing Your Bridge). Includes: Limit Raises and Losing Trick Count, Don’t Rebid a Five Card Suit, No Trump and Distribution, and Taking Charge.  Four Weeks, starts Mondays,  March 11 and ends April 1.  Tuition is $105

Leslie Sez,  Mondays, 1 PM—3 PM at the UMC* site. Taught by Rebecca Shafer.   This class in intended to be taken after PYB  Want to hear Leslie’s voice in your head more often? Take this class!  Week 1: TNT (Think No Trump); Week 2: Keep Winners, Throw Losers (not as easy as it sounds).: Week 3: The Rule of 20 (opening light in 1st or 2nd seat); Week 4: Rule of Margaritas (opening light in 3rd seat – Yeehaw!!); Week 5: When NOT to use “Eight ever, Nine Never”; Week 6: Is Notrump of Major Importance? (Choosing.)  Six weeks, starts April 15, ends May 20.  No class April 8th.  Tuition $160


Advanced Level:

Advanced Supervised Bidding, Play and Defense Part 3 and 4, Mondays 10 AM – 12 PM at UMC* site.  Taught by Rebecca Shafer.  “Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.” – Thomas Edison.  Most of our flashes of brilliance at the bridge table come after a failure.  Leslie and Charlie assembled some of the most inspiring teaching deals and have mixed them together so you won’t know in advance if it’s a bidding, play, or defense problem.  One of Leslie and Charlie’s most well received classes, and Leslie still goes over these hands with me in preparation for class!  Six weeks for each Part (3 and 4).  Part 3  starts March 11 and ends April 22.  No class April 8th.  Part 4 starts April 29 and ends June 10.  No class May 27, Memorial Day.  Tuition is $160 for each part.


Bridge in the Wild:

Where: Ohr Kodesh 8300 Meadowbrook Ln. Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Press the speaker button to request access to the facility.

When: 7:00/7:30 PM – 10:30 PM Thursday March TBD

Cost: The first game is free.  Normal Entry $12 per person/$24 per pair
Website: You can visit the WBL website here.

Do not bring any outside food or drink.  The site is kosher and needs to remain so. Approved snacks and drinks will be provided at the game.

I have formed a partnership with the WBL ( Washington Bridge League) to bring to you a learning opportunity.  A sanctioned bridge game, with results and hand records for the boards/hands that you played.  This is a unique opportunity to encounter hands in the wild, complete with hand records to go over with your partner later to refine your communication and play skills.  I will teach you how to write your score down for reflection later.

Some players are nervous to try duplicate bridge or have had bad experiences.  I want to assure you that I will be on hand to answer questions, and ensure things move smoothly.  Please make sure to arrive 30 minutes early for a brief tutorial.  The game time is 7:30 PM.  Please arrive at 7:00 PM.

The games are set to take place in March, and I do not have the dates yet.  I’m still organizing this event.  If you would like to attend, and need a partner, please email me your contact info and your bridge level so that I can pair you with someone near your level.  I will update the website once I have confirmed dates.


Many of us lost connections with friends and family during Covid while we had to shelter in place.  Now that we have begun to return to normal, those of us who play bridge have friends to get together and play with in person.  The face to face comraderie is so very important in our post covid recuperation.  Tell your friends about our new beginner bridge class.  They need this in their lives!

Leslie has now retired, but continues to teach me on how to be an awesome bridge teacher so that I may continue her and Charlie’s Legacy.

First time students are always welcome to audit a class to see if it is the right fit for them.


How to register:

Please send me an email to register. Include your Name, Phone number, and Email.  Many digital payment systems do not give me your personal information, which I will need in case I have to contact you.

               1) Pay by credit card using Zelle or Paypal using the email address                                                                     rebecca.shafer@bridgeteacher.com
My Venmo tag is @Rebecca-Allen-377                                                                                                                                                    

                2) if paying by check, please include your telephone number, the starting date, day and time of the class on the memo line.

For Example:   Memo  301-555-5555 Sept. 12, Mon. 10 am

Drop-ins are allowed in all Spring classes at $30 per lesson if there is availability.

You may send in your registrations now.  

*UMC = United Methodist Church’s Activity Center Building. We hold all classes each week at this site. The address is 9908 South Glen Road, Potomac, MD. It is located at the intersection of Democracy Blvd. and Falls Road. The entrance to the parking lot is on Falls Road. (Facing the building, please park on the left side or in the center of the parking lot.)

Tuition payments can be mailed directly to Rebecca Shafer at 9200 Edwards Way #1115, Adelphi, MD 20783.

Tell Your Friends! Absolute Beginner Bridge 1 starts Tuesday, Mar. 5, 10 AM—12 PM